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* Professional Intuitive, Tarot Master Consultant & Reiki Master *

I am intuitive and work with the assistance of divine guidance. My grandmother and I were named for Goddesses. I do NOT work with spirits.

My intuitive gifts are based on experience and clairsentience; communication between my hands and the cards, a learned skill that manifested in my youth after learning to play music on keyboard instruments.

Music, an ancient tradition, was also composed hundreds of years ago by the masters of the craft, who created music for the spiritual places and European royalty. My ancestors performed music at the for USA, at the White House and by invitation of Royalty.

Tarot Reader by tarot artist Ciro Marchetti       * * * * *       E Sylvia as "Mama Fortuna", the Tarot Reader
Tarot Reader by tarot artist Ciro Marchetti  &  E Sylvia as "Mama Fortuna", the Tarot Reader

My intuition was guided by travel with my family in my youth...

...from spiritual places like Manitou Springs Colorado, to the exotic breezes of Fiji Islands, Hawaii and New Zealand to traditional realms adjoining Washington DC and overseas throughout England, France and Spain....

...the ancient places and inspired images which appear on Runes, Coins, Tarot and Oracle cards appear to be honest, dependable and reliable when handled by an expert such as myself.

My qualifications include: Registered Metaphysician WMA, Ordained Ritual Clergy ULC, Founder of Temple of Fortuna dot com, Magicka School member, University graduate.

Helpful, honest feedback is appreciated.

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Metaphysical consultations, including and not necessarily limited to intuitive sessions, tarot readings, and reiki treatments, teachings and attunements, are provided for entertainment purposes.

Metaphysical consultations are not a substitute for advice from a financial adviser, doctor or any other licensed professional. We do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical condition.

("befrienders dot org" has an international crisis hotline search tool at the top of the page. Other websites may have similar resources.)

Clients must be 18 years of age or older. Because a metaphysical consultation is an informational service which cannot be returned, no refunds may be given after services received.

It is very important to us to provide value for our clients. If there are any concerns about a consultation please contact your metaphysician through the click4advisor message center.

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Mama Fortuna is a fictional online character portrayed by a real Certified Intuitive and Registered Metaphysician, E. Sylvia Simpson.